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Alaskans know that there's more to wild Alaskan seafood than salmon, because we're eating different fish from the sea most nights. A freezer favorite at our house is the white and flaky yelloweye rockfish fillet. It's lovely pan fried in coconut oil as a main, and irresistible diced into a Thai fish curry, classic seafood chowder, or Baja fish taco. We catch yelloweye rockfish when Eric goes longlining or when we're out trolling for salmon on the Happy Time. Their spiky dorsal spines make filleting a prickly predicament, but we think the fillets are worth it!

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Now available as part of our Fish Mix shares with other Alaskan fish fillets.

Rockfish are nutritious

It's hard to compete with salmon but rockfish are pretty darn healthy too. An omega-3 all star and one of nature's few sources of natural vitamin D, a serving of rockfish supplies half your daily recommended D and all your recommended vitamin B-12.

Species conservation

Like salmon, yelloweye rockfish are doing a lot better here in Alaska than they are in Oregon, Washington, and California, where factory trawling wiped stocks out in the 1990s. They were marketed as "red snapper" at that time, but as seafood enthusiasts know, there are few fishes that haven't been marketed as red snapper to someone somewhere at sometime (true red snappers are a southern hemisphere species and do not live anywhere in US or Canadian waters).

We hope that by helping people become better friends with Alaskan yelloweye rockfish, they will have more advocates willing to speak up for them here in Alaska. Love your fish? Help protect them!